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Welcome to the Buchi section of the SLS website

For over 50 years, Buchi has been known as the inventor of the Rotavapor®, the world's market leading product in evaporation technology, and the innovator of many other laboratory instruments based upon evaporation and vacuum technologies. Key Buchi product groups available through SLS include: Kjeldahl digestion and Distillation, Soxhlet and Hot extraction, Flash chromatography systems, Rotary and Parallel evaporation, Encapsulation systems and Spray dryers.

Kjeldahl analysis

The Kjeldahl method for the determination of organic nitrogen is the worldwide standard for calculating the protein content in food, beverages and animal feed and has bee...

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Hydrolysis and Extraction systems

Buchi offers a wide range of extraction solutions with solvent extraction being the most often used sample preparation technique to determine different ingredients in foo...

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Evaporation is a key step in many laboratories and there are two principal techniques for performing evaporation steps; rotary and parallel.

The ro...

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Encapsulation is the immobilisation of active ingredients within a polymer matrix bead or capsule. The active compounds can include enzymes, drugs, flavours and fragrance...

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Spray drying

Spray Drying is a unique method of converting a solution, suspension or emulsion into a solid powder format in a single step. It is a widely established process in many i...

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Sepacore™ flash chromatography systems

Flash chromatography generally utilises larger columns packed with silica gel particles in the 250-400 mesh and pressure to drive the solvent through the column of statio...

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Melting and Boiling Point Measurement