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Speedy Breedy

Welcome to the SLS Speedy Breedy subsite!! Let’s start to explain what Speedy Breedy is about and how it can make your life easier by answering some questions:

Q) What is Speedy Breedy?
A) It’s a respirometer, but the question should really be what does it do? It can tell you, quickly, if you have any bacterial or yeast contamination in a product or raw material – BASICALLY, IF IT GROWS AND RESPIRES, SPEEDY BREEDY CAN TELL YOU THAT ITS THERE!

Q) How quickly is quickly?
A) Can be a matter of hours really, depends on the how much bacteria or yeast contamination is there in the first place.

Q) Hours – how come?
A) OK, this gets into how Speedy Breedy works, but the basics are that it provides the perfect environment to promote growth;  carefully controlled temperature, nutrients and stirring within an hermetically sealed chamber result in rapid multiplication of microbes. Add the sample to the chamber and, if there is anything present, it will grow. As microbes respire the system will detect this growth by monitoring the change in pressure within the chamber. Click here to see a demonstration video

Q) How sensitive is it ?
A) Speed Breedy can detect single organisms due to its ability to rapidly multiply the numbers of contaminating microbes.

Q) OK, where can it be used?
A) Applications where Speedy Breedy has been assessed include:

So, that’s the basics and each of the applications is covered in the links below along with case studies, see the product demonstration video here or click here to view and download the product data sheet. Details on how it works and the software used can be found here and application sheets can be found here.

Microbial research

This applies to a variety of industries from research to product development in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, healthcare and food to development of procedures for sterility and shelf life to academic research covering a whole host of areas.

» Click here to view more product information

Quality control testing in food production

Poor sanitation and hygiene or ineffective sterilisation procedures such as a failure of pasteurisation can all lead to the presence of bacteria in food and drink products on the shelves of ...

» Click here to view more product information

Spoilage testing in brewing

As well as testing for microbial contamination in the food industry, where contaminants are associated with public health concerns, spoilage organisms are also a significant burden, especial...

» Click here to view more product information

Clean water testing

Testing for clean water is essential for human and animal health. Water companies have an obligation to ensure that contamination has not been introduced following repairs of clean wate...

» Click here to view more product information

Sterility testing

There are many processes and businesses which require and can benefit from on-site sterility testing. A good example would be testing the final rinse water after a cleaning procedure immedia...

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Education tool / teaching aid

Microbes have an involvement in human and veterinary disease, are key in numerous food and drink production processes, have important environmental roles, as well as roles in manufacturing i...

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Links and downloads

The following links provide information on the Speedy Breedy product data sheet, Speedy Breedy application sheets (Comparison, Experiment and Evaluation) and the Speedy Breedy video. Pr...

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Frequently asked questions

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