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Microbial research

This applies to a variety of industries from research to product development in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, healthcare and food to development of procedures for sterility and shelf life to academic research covering a whole host of areas.

  • Research into food, or cleaning products.
  • Product development in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, healthcare and food including pet food.
  • Development of procedures for maintaining sterility in products, processes or environments. You may be inventing pet food or even looking at shelf life of healthcare products.
  • Academic research into a host of areas from medical to food to pharmaceutical.

The common feature to all of these areas is the need to understand how bacteria behave in a variety of conditions and media.

Current test equipment for microbial research may vary from large laboratory based machines that can test multiple samples to the use of a simple agar plate and incubator, but Speedy Breedy offers a different approach.

Speedy Breedy is a portable microbial respirometer that is driven by protocols that are designed on a PC and downloaded to Speedy Breedy, see the product demonstration video here. Each unit can accommodate two culture vessels which are available pre-filled with dehydrated media (for example tryptone soy broth (TSB) or MacConkey’s agar), or empty so that you can use your own culture medium. Speedy Breedy can be used with the preloaded protocols, or customised protocols can be developed; in all cases you can monitor and visualise microbial activity in near real time on your PC.

You can experiment and watch microbial behaviour as you introduce metabolic promoters or inhibitors, storing experimental data on the internal SD card or uploading it to your PC. Speedy Breedy is very easy to operate and, since the culture chamber is hermetically sealed, does not require laboratory conditions to operate effectively.

Speedy Breedy is also portable, so you can take it into the field or use it wherever there is a 12 volt or mains supply.

Speedy Breedy uses two new sterile gamma irradiated culture vessels for every experiment to ensure test integrity.

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