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Quality control testing in food production

Poor sanitation and hygiene or ineffective sterilisation procedures such as a failure of pasteurisation can all lead to the presence of bacteria in food and drink products on the shelves of shops and supermarkets. Product contamination can lead to recalls, compensation costs and damage to the reputation of the brand, the manufacturer and the vendor.

Local and European legislation requires food and drink products to pass strict quality control guidelines for microbial contamination to protect the consumer from bacteria such as Salmonella, Listeria and E. coli.

Testing for product contamination can, typically, take as long as ten days when including the time taken to transport samples to food testing laboratories. During this time, stock cannot be released to vendors, impacting on cash flow and available storage space.

If contamination is found, subsequent sterilisation measures will need validating and until results are returned, equipment downtime will have an impact on production.

Speedy Breedy can cut the costs associated with lab testing without the need for large capital investment. Without needing laboratory staff or a laboratory environment, Speedy Breedy can be used at the point of sampling and testing started immediately. Courtesy of sensitive detection systems, Speedy Breedy can alert staff the moment contamination is identified or give staff the "all clear" if no contamination is found.

Speedy Breedy can :

  • Rapidly detect contamination in food-stuffs including dairy products and meat products.
  • Detect even low level contamination (1 CFU / ml), in some cases, in less than 16 hours.
  • Be used for rapidly performing Total Viable Counts (TVCs) and coliform counts.
  • Be used for detecting pathogens including E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria.
  • Be used for general production hygiene monitoring as part of a CIP system.

Speedy Breedy can remove the delays in lab testing and help promote positive release of stock to give food manufacturers a significant financial gain.

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Trial 1 'Comparison of Speedy Breedy and a conventional technique for the detection of Escherichia coli in dried herbs' Nov 2012