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Clean water testing

Testing for clean water is essential for human and animal health.

Water companies have an obligation to ensure that contamination has not been introduced following repairs of clean water supplies or that new clean water installations are free from contamination before they are commissioned. Equally, well water can become contaminated at any time with faecal contamination being a particular problem. Common causes include a breach of the well or septic system, uncontrolled surface water run-off or pollution by livestock waste.

The presence of Coliform bacteria in water supplies is a commonly used indicator of the sanitary quality of drinking water. One member of the coliform group (Escherichia coli) can be distinguished from most other coliforms by its ability to ferment lactose at 44°C.

Speedy Breedy can be used to differentiate coliforms of faecal origin with a simple, rapid protocol utilising the coliform selective medium MacConkey’s broth and a culture temperature of 44°C which is selective for E. coli. The Speedy Breedy protocol is sensitive enough to detect single organisms within a test volume of 50 ml in a little over 10 hours. After the test an examination of the culture vessels for a colour change from purple to yellow can be used to differentiate coliforms from non-lactose fermenters when required (this does require interpretation by laboratory professionals).

Speedy Breedy operates on 12 volts or mains adapter and is suitable for remote locations, field stations, portable units, or other situations where rapid access to a laboratory is difficult.

Speedy Breedy requires little user training and no interpretation so can be used by unskilled operators and avoids the need to transport samples to other locations.

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