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Sterility testing

There are many processes and businesses which require and can benefit from on-site sterility testing. A good example would be testing the final rinse water after a cleaning procedure immediately after the clean is finished - this can assist food processing, preparation and packaging businesses to avoid introducing contamination into products from equipment and surrounding areas.

Where sterility testing is required, time is of the essence and avoiding a shutdown of a production facility can save both time and money.

Using Speedy Breedy as part of a routine sterility programme for raw materials and final products can help organisations identify contamination early. It can be used as a general contamination test using a broad spectrum culture medium, conditions and protocol, or with more specialised conditions for groups of related organisms or even particular species. Speedy Breedy is proven for the culture and detection of microorganisms with a range of culture requirements and independent studies have shown that Speedy Breedy is significantly faster than a large laboratory instrument equivalents (see link).

With little or no detailed training required, Speedy Breedy can be used on the factory floor or in storage rooms to incubate samples of raw materials/components, final product, or machine rinses in order to detect contamination.

Speedy Breedy can be used:

  • With a wide range of culture media.
  • With selective culture media for the growth and detection of specific organisms.
  • From 15 – 44°C
  • For the differential culture of target organisms.
  • For aerobes, facultative anaerobes, anaerobes, and microaerophilic organisms.
  • For the culture and detection of yeasts.

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