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Eppendorf® Benchtop Centrifuges

5430 Series

5430 Series

The 5430 series centrifuges is a versatile and compact 30 place centrifuge with rotor options that allow it to 15 and 50mL conical tubes, microplates and all common blood collection tubes. Available in refrigerated and non-refrigerated formats, the refrigerated version incorporates programmable pre-cooling, ECO shut-off , and dynamic processor control. Key features include:

  • High capacity – can accommodate upto 30 2.0mL epTubes
  • Versatility – 8 rotors available which can cover microplates upto 50ml tubes
  • High speed – upto 30,130 x g (17,500rpm)
  • FastTemppro allows date and time programming and allows the centrifuge to ready for use at a pre-specified time
  • Compact footprint minimises bench space
  • Automatic rotor recognition with speed limitation and rotor imbalance detection – ensure safe use
  • Built in condensation drain
  • Both versions are available with rotary knob for quick menu access and parameter setting or keypad for easy cleaning

» Click here to view the 5430 Series Centrifuge

5702 Series

5702 Series

A range of low speed general purpose centrifuges, the 5702 series can be adapted to accommodate almost any kind of tube from 1.5/2.0mL tubes upto 90ml bottles. Specifically designed to meet the needs of clinical and cell culture labs, there are three models available:

  • The regular 5702 model for standard applications
  • A refrigerated 5702R for heat sensitive samples
  • The 5702RH for biological samples where a constant temperature can be set and maintained

Key features of the 5702 series include:

  • Compact footprint and almost silent operation
  • Upto 3,000 x g (4,400 rpm) in 100 rpm increments
  • Rotary knob for quick menu access and parameter setting
  • SOFT brake function allows for slow acceleration and deceleration, optimised for gradient centrifugation applications in the 57012 series
  • Stainless steel rotor chamber
  • ECO shut-off helps maximise compressor life and minimise power consumption on the R and RH models
  • Automatic rotor imbalance detection maximises safety
  • Parameter lock prevents accidental changes
  • “At set rpm” functionality starts time counting when selected speed is reached
  • 6 fixed and swing out rotor options which can accommodate 1.5/2.0mL tubes, cryotubes and, blood tubes and 15mL/50mL Falcon® tubes

In addition to these overall features, the R and RH models include:

  • Programming keys to store routine operations
  • Temperature range from -9 to +40°C (+42°C for the RH model)
  • Active heating on the RH model maintains temperature at ±1°C over the range 4-37°C for the entire centrifugation cycle
  • FastTemp enables fast chamber cooling
  • Built in condensation drain to eliminate water accumulation

» Click here to view the 5702 Series Centrifuge

5804/5810 Series

5804/5810 Series

The 5804/5810 series offer the ultimate in flexibility with three centrifuges in one; a high capacity general purpose centrifuge for cell harvesting, a high speed centrifuge for separating cell lysates and a microcentrifuge for DNA precipitations. Common features of the 5804/5810 series include:

  • Multipurpose capabilities with 14 rotor options
  • High speed upto 20,800 x g (14,000rpm) with fixed rotors
  • Short Spin button can be set to desired speed
  • RCF can be maximised through the adjustment of the radius setting for every adapter
  • 10 different acceleration and braking ramps to protect sensitive samples
  • Temperature range from -9 to +40°C
  • Saves upto 25 user defined programmes
  • Automatic rotor recognition with speed limitation and imbalance detection for maximum safety
  • FastTemp and ECO shut-off on the R models
  • Low access height for easy loading and unloading

5804 series

With high levels of flexibility, the rotor options available with the 5804 series centrifuges can accommodate:

  • 30 x 1.5/2.0mL tubes
  • 6 x 5/8 PCR strips (48 x 0.2ml)
  • 6 x 50/85mL or 4 x 100mL Falcon® tubes
  • 2 x 5 MTP plates

5810 series

Offering maximum application versatility, the 5810 series can accommodate all the above plus:

  • Upto 4 x 500ml tubes
  • Upto 4 x 4 MTP plates
  • 48 x 15mL or 28 x 50mL Falcon® tubes

» Click here to view the 5804/5810 Series Centrifuge