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Eppendorf® Microcentrifuges

MiniSpin and MiniSpin Plus

MiniSpin and MiniSpin Plus

MiniSpin and MiniSpin Plus are both extremely compact microcentrifuges with a very small footprint. With a 12 x 1.5/2.0mL rotor, both offer acceleration and deceleration of < 13 seconds with a clear digital display which allows the setting of time and speed. MiniSpin has a maximum speed of 12,100 x g (13,400rpm) whilst MiniSpin Plus can go upto 14,100 x g (14,500rpm) and has a timer capacity upto 99 minutes. Key features include:

  • Autoclavable rotors for 15 x 1.5/2.0mL tubes or 8 x 2 PCR strips
  • Short spin button for fast and convenient spins
  • Lid opens automatically at the end of a run to help prevent sample heating
  • Maintenance free drive

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5418 Series Centrifuge

5418 Series Centrifuge

An ultra compact 18 place centrifuge, the 5418 series comes with an aerosol tight rotor and lid as standard which can accommodate 18 x 1.5/2.0mL tubes. Available refrigerated or non-refrigerated, key features include:

  • Spins upto 16,872 x g (14,000rpm)
  • QuickLock™ rotor for fast and reliable lid locking
  • Rotary controls and full digit display for ease of parameter setting
  • Very quiet when running, even without the rotor lid
  • Short spin button for fast and convenient spins
  • Refrigerated version offers FastTemp for quick pre cooling and can maintain a constant 4°C even at maximum speed

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5424 Series Centrifuge

5424 Series Centrifuge

With a 24 place capacity rotor, the compact 5424 series centrifuge offer increased capacity over the 5418 series alongside other features and benefits:

  • Available with rotary knob or keypad access to parameters and menus; rotary knobs facilitate quick parameter setting whilst the keypad version is easy to clean.
  • Spins upto 20,238 x g (14,680rpm)
  • SOFT-brake to protect delicate samples
  • 4 rotor options accommodate upto 24 1.5/2.0mL tubes, 4 + 8 PCR strips and 18 spin columns and aerosol tight lids
  • FastTemp key reduces chamber temperature RT (~21°C) to 4°C in 8 minutes

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5415R Centrifuge

5415R Centrifuge

A workhorse of the lab, the refrigerated 5415R offers a compact footprint which can accommodate 24 x 2.0mL or 36 x 0.5mL tubes through three different rotors. Incorporating ECO shut-off, key features of the 5415 include:

  • Ease of use – rotary controls enable easy access to menus and parameters and speed can be displayed in rpm or g-force eliminating tedious conversion calculations
  • Spins upto 16,100 x g (13,200rpm)
  • Adjustable Short Spin mode provides quick and easy spins
  • FastTemp system cools chamber to 4°C in just 16 minutes which is then maintained even at maximum speed
  • Standby cooling maintains chamber temperature when not in use
  • Rotor options include 1.5/2.0mL rotor with an aerosol tight lid

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5417R Centrifuge

5417R centrifuge

A high performance microcentrifuge, the 5417R can accommodate upto 30 x 1.5/2.0mL tubes and can spin upto 25,000 x g (16,400rpm). With automatic rotor recognition and imbalance detection, the 5417R offers advanced feature and benefits whilst the availability of 5 different rotors, including fixed and swing bucket, ensures it can accommodate a very broad variety of samples. Key features include:

  • Rotor options to accommodate 1.5/2.0mL tubes (fixed rotor or swing bucket), PCR strips or tubes (upto 48 tubes), all available with aerosol tight lids
  • Temperature range from -9 to 40°C
  • FastTemp, SOFT-brake and SHORT-spin functionality for convenience and flexibility
  • Automatic rotor recognition and imbalance detection for safety
  • ECO shut-off helps maximise compressor life and minimise power consumption

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