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Pipetman® Neo Multichannel

The Pipetman® Neo Multichannel, offering up to 50% reduction of pipetting forces, delivers unrivaled performance, precision, durability and comfort that is unmatched by other multichannel pipettes.

Pipetman® M Multichannel

Pipetman® M Multichannel combines the ease of use of Pipetman® M with the advantages of the Neo Multichannel, including the patented piston drive mechanism to guarantee identical performance on each channel. The easiest way to speed up intensive pipetting tasks and ensure accurate, reproducible results

Pipetman® Concept Multichannel, Motorized

Pipetman® Concept ergonomic, motorized pipettes virtually eliminate variability of results. The most ergonomic pipette on the market, Concept requires virtually zero force to aspirate or dispense.