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For over 35 years, Pipetman® has been and continues to be the world standard for accuracy, precision, and reproducibility.

Pipetman® Neo

Pipetman® Neo is an evolution of the original Pipetman® that addresses the growing susceptibility of pipette users to repetitive strain injuries, offering up to 50% reduction of pipetting forces.

Pipetman® G

New to the Pipetman® range is Pipetman® G which offers one of the lowest pipetting forces in the market. Unlike the other manual pipettors in the Pipetman® range which utilise a dry-seal piston, Pipetman G incorporates a completely redesigned and lubricated piston system.

Pipetman® L

PIPETMAN® L combines the PIPETMAN Classic legendary robustness, a newly designed body, and state-of-the-art lubricated piston mechanism. This ergonomic, lightweight pipette also offers new features such as a patented volume locking system and adjustable tip ejector

Pipetman® M

Pipetman® M is Gilson's newest motorized member of the Pipetman® P family. Pipetman M is a fusion between the renowned accuracy, precision and robustness of the Pipetman® P and user-friendly functions that will simplify your work day.

Pipetman® Concept Motorized

Pipetman® Concept ergonomic, motorized pipettes virtually eliminate variability of results. The most ergonomic pipette on the market, Concept requires virtually zero force to aspirate or dispense.

Fixed Pipetman®

Pipetman® F is a fixed-volume, air-displacement pipette. Thirteen robust models cover a large volume range—from 2 µL to 1000 µL—with Gilson’s legendary accuracy and precision.