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Automated cleaning in washing machines

World renowned for performance and quality, the neodisher® range for glass washers is recommended for use in all Miele washing machines. Comprising of product that are suitable for all materials including the more sensitive ones that are normally attacked by the more aggressive alkaline detergents, there is a product for all applications.

neodisher® LaboClean FLA

neodisher® LaboClean FLA is an alkaline liquid detergent free of surfactants, phosphates, oxidising agents and active chlorine which gives outstanding wash performance. Suitable for the removal of organic residues, oils and creams, it can also be used to clean animal housing and aquatic tanks constructed from stainless steel and polycarbonate materials.

neodisher® LaboClean FT

neodisher® LaboClean FT is an alkaline liquid detergent containing active Chlorine which is free from surfactants. This product is particularly effective at the removal of tissue culture media and residues, blood, proteins and radioactive contaminants.

neodisher® LaboClean A8

An alkaline powered detergent free of surfactants, neodisher® LaboClean A8 is a good general purpose powder Laboratory detergent. Providing a high cleaning performance, it will remove blood, serum, food residues, gelatine & most organic residues.

neodisher® LaboClean GK

neodisher® LaboClean is a mild alkaline powdered detergent free from surfactants that provides high cleaning performance for microbiology and virology, cell & tissue culture and nuclear medicine/ isotope laboratories. Good removal of radioactive contamination, organic colorants & pigments.