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Manual or pre cleaning

The portfolio offers a range of products for manual cleaning or pre soak treatment prior to washing in a washing machine. The range includes products which offer an oxidative action for the removal of stubborn stains.

neodisher® LM2

neodisher® LM2 is a general purpose detergent for use in ultrasonic and immersion baths and wet autoclaving of laboratory glassware.

neodisher® LM3

neodisher® LM3 is a general purpose laboratory glassware cleaner with a low foam wetting agent that is highly effective against a broad range of contamination. Ideal for use as a first stage manual clean, the low foaming nature means that glassware can then be transferred directly to a washer without the need for rinsing.

neodisher® LM10

neodisher® LM10 is a chlorine and phosphate based cleaning agent where the oxidative action ensure that it is highly effective against a broad range of stubborn residues. Objects made of metal. Plastic or rubber should be tested for compatibility first.